Surgical dentistry aims at the surgical treatment of pathological processes in the oral
At the Nunu Matua Dental Clinic, you can perform all types of surgical operations
that do not require patient hospitalization (manipulation under general anesthesia).

We offer:

Tooth extraction

Root canal resection (apicoectomy)

Excision of small cysts (cystectomy)

Restoration of bone tissue (augmentation and sinus lifting)

Plastic surgery of the lip and tongue

Surgical treatment of gingival recession.

Tooth extraction is a surgical operation that requires great precision and care. Like
all other operations, it also has a post-operative period.
If it is necessary to put stitches after extraction, the process can develop in 2
directions: first, the doctor uses self-absorbing threads and they do not need to be
removed, or second, if the threads are not absorbed, then they are removed after 5-
7 days.

There are several reasons:
Mechanical tooth damage (root fracture)
Inability to maintain a fallen tooth
During periodontitis, the third-fourth degree of tooth decay
Atypical location of wisdom or other teeth
Supercomplex and retained teeth
The need for orthodontic treatment

  • Advice after tooth extraction
    Do not smoke tobacco for at least 12 hours after tooth extraction
    Avoid hot, spicy and cold food for a few days.
    Do not attempt to clean the wound or apply ointment.
    Refrain from physical training, going to the pool, sauna.

Apiectomy (root apex resection) is performed when endodontic treatment is not
sufficient and requires surgical intervention.

Root apex resection is performed under local anesthesia. A small incision is made
on the gum, from which the apex of the root is cut and the infected tissues are

During cystectomy, the cyst and its capsule are completely excised.
A cyst may develop as a result of infection or trauma and may go unnoticed by the
patient for a long time.

In patients who have lost teeth for a long time, most of them have bone loss. In
order for the implantation to be successful, it is necessary to add artificial bone.
Also, on the upper jaw, the low location of the bottom of the maxillary sinus is often
revealed, during which it is necessary to introduce artificial bone into the sinus
(sinus lifting). During sinus lifting, the sinus floor is raised with artificial bone, during
which bone volume is created for implantation.

The location, length and elasticity of the lip and tongue bridle are individual. That 
why some people have a short leash, while others have a long one. The mentioned
defects can affect the development of the childs oral cavity and require surgical
intervention. Surgery is performed under local anesthesia in one visit.

During deep recession, a physiological shift of the gum edge occurs, as a result of
which the root of the tooth is exposed.
Treatment is performed by surgical method. At this time, the gum is transplanted in
the area of the defect.