Orthodontics (Greek word, Orthos – direct, Latin Dens – tooth) is a part of dentistry
that studies the development of the maxillofacial system, anomalies, etymology and
pathogenesis of deformations. Within the framework of orthodontics, disorders are
prevented, diagnosed and treated.
Correct dentition is not only a guarantee of beauty, but also prevention of various
mouth diseases. More than 80% of people have pathology of standing teeth and
occlusion. Of these, every second one needs orthodontic help. Every year, the
frequency of pathologies increases.

We offer:

Removable plates ( Retainers ) device

Braces (metal, sapphire, ceramic)



It is preferable to start at an early age, since the detection and treatment of
pathology is much easier and faster.

The plates represent is an orthodontic appliances , which involves orthodontic
treatment of children starting at an early age, correction of dentition.
It is used in children aged 5-10 years.

These are high quality and durable braces made of stainless steel. It is a simple and
comfortable way to straighten teeth. The rubber rings attached to the braces
(ligatures) are changed at each visit. There is a wide selection of rubber ring colors,
which gives you the opportunity to choose the color you like.

Ceramic braces are distinguished by their hardness and strength. The bracket is
made of ceramic, which makes it invisible on the tooth enamel. Compared to a
metal bracket, it is more aesthetic.

The sapphire braces is made of specially treated, synthetic sapphire.
Sapphire braces are tough, aesthetic and hypoallergenic. It also changes color less
in case of taking colored food/drink (coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes).

The self-ligating brace is distinguished by innovative technology, it does not have
a ligature, which allows us to quickly move the teeth using light force.
does not require a monthly visit to the doctor;
The duration of treatment is reduced by 25-50%.
Reduction of discomfort and pain during treatment.
The absence of ligatures simplifies hygiene.

It is a fixed non-removable appliance that is mainly used to widen the upper jaw to correct overbite. It is visually invisible because it is attached on the palatal
of the side of the upper jaw. It is used from 6-7 years of age.