Therapy – includes tooth whitening-restoration, endodontic treatment of teeth,
professional cleaning of teeth, sealing of fissures. Artistic
restoration, teeth whitening with caps.

We offer:

Treatment of caries

Root of canals

Therapeutic veneering of teeth

Professional cleaning of teeth (cleaning from stones and polishing), whitening of teeth with caps

Whitening of teeth with caps

What is caries?
During caries, the soft tissue of the tooth is demineralized and softened, resulting in
the formation of a carious cavity. The cause of caries can be poor hygiene, improper
nutrition and others.

How is caries treated?

In the treatment of caries, the tooth is removed from the oral cavity as an operative
field and its restoration is carried out in a dry and clean environment. At this time,
the carious cavity is processed and filled with the necessary filling material.
As a result of the treatment, the progression of caries is stopped, the existing defect
is completely restored and the tooth returns to its original form and function.

Does the procedure require anesthesia?

Medium and deep caries require local injection anesthesia.

Is the procedure safe?

Patient safety norms are observed at the highest level in our clinic.
Manipulations are carried out with disposable instruments, and reusable instruments
undergo all stages of sterilization with the latest generation sterilization equipment.

Possible complaints during caries:

Increased sensitivity to cold and hot food;
toothache while chewing;
decay of tooth tissue;
Tooth color change

What does endodontic root canal treatment mean?

Endodontic treatment of root canals involves treatment carried out inside the tooth,
from the crown of the tooth to the apex of its root.
At this time, tooth canals are cleaned of pathogenic microflora, mechanical and
chemical processing and hermetic sealing.

What causes canal damage?

Damage to the channels can cause:
deep caries

pulp (nerve) inflammation,
trauma (tooth fracture, crack)
or the inflammatory process of tissues around the tooth (periodontitis)

How do I know if I need root canal treatment?

If you have the following complaints:
Occasional unexplained toothache during the day and night, prolonged sensitivity to
cold and hot irritants,
Pain when touching the tooth or while chewing, change in the color of the crown of
the tooth, enlargement of the gum surrounding the tooth, lymph nodes, pain, then
you should immediately consult a dentist.

Professional teeth cleaning is one of the most popular methods in the prevention of
oral diseases. The procedure involves the removal of soft, pigmented and dense
plaques (stones) of the tooth tissue, using special equipment.

Why is it important to remove stones and plaque?

As a result of cleaning, the natural color of the tooth returns, the unpleasant smell
from the mouth disappears, the bleeding from the gums decreases, and it is also the
best prevention of caries.

How is professional cleaning done (stages)?

The procedure consists of 3 stages
Hard plaques (stones) are removed with an ultrasound (Scaler) device.
In the second stage Air-flow-The teeth are cleaned of pigmented plaque with a
special powder delivered under pressure to hard-to-reach places through the
In the third stage, the surface of the teeth is polished with special brushes and
abrasive pastes.

How much tooth enamel is damaged?

Tooth tissue is cleaned with these devices without damaging the tooth enamel.
How often should I have a professional cleaning?

The procedure is recommended once every 4-6 months to maintain healthy teeth.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the procedure is 40-45 minutes.

What is fissure sealing?

Fissures are natural grooves on the surface of chewing teeth.
Often, due to the depth of the fissures, it is difficult to clean the teeth with a brush.
That is why fissures become a place of residence for microbes and caries develop.
These fissures are filled with a special liquid paste, which prevents caries.

When and how is fissure sealing done?

Sealing of fissures is done as soon as the permanent teeth erupt (at the age of 6-12
The procedure is done with special liquid sealants containing fluorine and calcium.
After sealing, the teeth are protected from bacteria.
The procedure is painless.
The risk of caries is reduced to 70%.

Correcting the defect of front teeth with composite material.

Artistic restoration is done when there are defects on the front teeth. Defects can be:
unwanted tooth shape and color; cracks on the tooth; diastema; Discolored filling.

Whitening with caps includes: taking an impression and making individual caps. You
pour a special whitening gel into the caps and do this for a certain time.
How long do teeth whitening take with this method?
After 2 weeks, the teeth are whitened up to 4-8 tones.

After 2 weeks, the teeth are whitened up to 4-8 tones.

for about 1.5-2 years

Caps can be worn at home, at work, while driving, while sleeping, and are also more
Keep in mind that whitening is not possible for artificial structures (crowns, bridges).
Before whitening, it is necessary to sanitize the mouth and professional cleaning.