Orthopedic dentistry serves to diagnose and treat disorders of the integrity of the
jaw-dental system.
As a result of orthopedic treatment, not only the aesthetic, but also the chewing
function disorder is restored.

We offer:

Metal-ceramic crown, one unit, 170 GEL

Zircon crown 350 GEL

Orthopedic veneer 450 GEL

Plate prosthesis 300-350

Bigelli prosthesis 750

Valplast system (valplast, USA) 750 nylon prosthesis

Fixed prosthesis on implants - 3200 GEL

Removable prosthesis on implants - 2800 GEL

Our clinic uses both removable and non-removable structures.
Removable constructions are: total and partial acrylic plate prostheses, bigel
prostheses, valplast (elastic) prostheses.
Non-removable structures are: bridges, individual crowns, veneers.

A bridge is a non-removable structure of artificial teeth that is made over two or
more supporting teeth. Various materials are used for making bridges: metal-
ceramic, zircono-ceramic.

When the crown of the tooth is severely decayed and cannot be restored with a
filling, or when the filling is large and there is a danger of breaking the remaining
tooth wall, then it is advisable to cover it with an artificial crown.
An artificial crown is made:
metal-ceramic, zircon-ceramic, metal-plastic, plastic, stainless steel, gold

A prosthesis made of acrylic material is the strongest and most durable, and also
the most budget-friendly. However, it has disadvantages: it can cause an allergic
reaction, a feeling of vomiting and a temporary disturbance of diction, within the field
of the prosthesis, the presence of a painful focus.

Advantages of the elastic nylon prosthesis of the Valplast system (Valplast, USA):
Dunklis does not require clipping and processing of the teeth standing on the side to
restore the teeth, hypoallergenic, providing strong fixation, hard to break, relatively
light, easy to take care.

The bigel prosthesis consists of a metal arc-shaped base and part of the prosthesis
itself. It is used in unilateral or bilateral defects when it is impossible to make a
Advantage: it has no taste, small size, aesthetic relatively light. Even distribution of
chewing force that is easy to adjust.

It is necessary to wash with a brush every day after every meal, treat with special
solutions once a day, especially before going to bed.

Dental implantation is the best alternative for restoration of chewing and aesthetic
function in case of partial or complete absence of teeth.
After implantation of implants (artificial root), a crown, bridge or removable
prosthesis is fixed on it.

Post-implantation orthopedics is successfully performed at Nunu Matua Dental

In most cases, metal-ceramic or zirconium-ceramic crowns and bridges are made
on implants.
When the teeth are not fully implanted, it is possible to make both a non-removable
and a removable construction, which rests on 4 or 6 implants and fully restores the
dental arch.